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Smart Cities

Transform cities into “Smart Cities” through GIS tools that help citizens in their daily lives.

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Dashboards of data analysis

IoT centralises and integrates all available information, both historical and current, in very intuitive viewers and query tools through data analysis dashboards that allow for more agile access to the vast amount of data collected.

Smart tourist destinations

Using intelligent analysis of the tourism sector by integrating multiple data sources allows you to analyse, monitor and predict the market for more effective management; turning these places into smart destinations.

Asset digitization

The integration of BIM and GIS in asset digitalization opens a new way for digital transformation by developing multiple-use cases for intelligent asset management.

Geoportals for citizens

Allows access to the catalogue of information from public administrations and organisations, known as geoportals for citizens, as well as tools for consultation, downloading and data consumption.

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Dashboard with descriptive KPIs

We combine your business data with GIS data from the environment to create a Location Intelligence solution. It is displayed through a dashboard with descriptive KPIs that allows you to review, compare and create reports based on up-to-date data.

Optimal locations

Identify the factors that are driving or holding back your business, and find the optimal locations that have the best conditions for its development. Make data-driven predictions when expanding or optimising your POS network.

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Sales Forecast

Make a sales forecast based on historical data and market environment conditions in order to better analyse and understand the economic development of a given area of your city.

Understand your target audience

Understanding your target audience based on real data allows you to discover what demographics they have such as, where they work, live or spend time.

Market Power

Using geo-localised data, you can identify the areas with the highest profit margins, analyses the market power of an area and launches specific strategies according to these results.

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People Flow

We combine IoT and Computer Vision to identify the influx of people, visualise them in heat maps and analyse a huge amount of data to detect behavioural patterns (e.g. by gender and/or age range). This improves the security and organisation of smart cities.

Indoor Routing Optimization

It offers user services through indoor routing optimization, route calculation and guidance in enclosed spaces combined with outdoor routes.

Smart management for indoor spaces

Through smart management for indoor spaces, we identify behavioural patterns and represent them with heat maps and other visualisations that help you to understand user behaviour and improves the management of indoor spaces such as shopping centres, transport stations or tourist attractions.

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Logistics optimization

Route optimization

Route optimization is a great solution to offer up-to-date services tothe user by providing route calculation and guidance in enclosed spaces as well as combined with outdoor routes.

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Do you have a challenge and don't know how to face it?