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Patios of Cordoba

Indoor sensorization through sensors, wifi and bluetooth connections
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About the company

For the City of Cordoba, one of the most important events held throughout the year is the Festival of the Patios of Cordoba, which in turn is one of the most renowned events in Andalusia and have been declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

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This event is usually held in spring. However, this year due to the circumstances arising from the COVID-19, it had to be transferred to October, being strongly focused on the digitization through security and the correct development of the event.

Although initially the focus was on the automated collection of information about visitors to the event in order to optimize it in future editions, the situation created by the COVID-19 has been a unique opportunity to, through the application of technology, provide visitors a safe experience in their visit to the Patios of Cordoba. Therefore, the challenge has been to digitally measure the capacity of the courtyards and communicate the level of occupation in real time through the event’s website.

The main technological challenges were both to develop a solution that would allow the detection of bluetooth/wifi signals with a counting algorithm communicating the capacity to the website of Patios de Cordoba in real time, and the image detection and treatment through neural networks (AI) for the also detection of the number of visitors to a particular courtyard.


From DOTGIS we have developed a solution based on indoor sensorization in different points of the Patios through sensors, wifi and bluetooth connections, which facilitate:

  • The use of artificial intelligence and a network trained to count “human” shapes in the images captured for the supervision and counting of seating and distance.
  • Treatment of thresholds in a dynamic way depending on the characteristics of each yard. Example: number of inhabitants, proximity of the urban road, proximity of public premises.
  • Update and visualization in real time of the accumulated data through an intuitive PPP for the users.
  • Creation of database dashboards with consolidated values after the different readings made by the sensors.
  • Resolution of coverage problems in interior courtyards by means of location, wifi extension…
  • Contrast and study of counting results obtained between sensors and video cameras to interpret what would be the optimal solution.
  • Comparison of counting results obtained by bluetooth/wii sensors with the counting values carried out by Cordoba City Council.
  • Individual conclusion of the results obtained for each yard.
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Lourdes Morales Zaragoza

Delegate Councillor of Digital Transformation of the City Council of Cordoba

The City Council of Cordoba is firmly committed to the digital transformation of the city. In this 2020 we have aligned this commitment with the necessary security measures to be able to celebrate and enjoy the Event of the Patios as we have been doing all these years, joining forces to provide citizens with a more technological and safer experience in their participation in the event. From the City Council of Cordoba we are sure that this is a commitment to the future and that technologies will help us all to make our cities more attractive, sustainable and efficient for all.

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