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Understand your target audience

Understanding your target audience is essential when making decisions. Taking into account characteristics such as their age, gender, occupation, income level, can aid you in the decision making process.

Market Power

You can analyse market power before developing a strategy, ensuring that you get better results, avoid making wrong decisions, and reducing costs.

Sales Forecast

Using your current sales history to forecast your sales allows you to predict the volume of sales while taking into account the characteristics of the environment, achieving your maximum potential and improving your performance.

Optimize your sales force

As your company grows, you need to optimize your sales force in order to improve the management of all resources and logistical planning.

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Resource Monitoring

Using resource monitoring, companies, to whom logistics is important, can have real-time information on a simple and intuitive dashboard where they can identify trends or behaviour patterns, track and control what is happening in the present and make future predictions. In addition, fleet management can improve efficiency in service delivery and, consequently, reduce costs.

Route optimization

Route optimization offers services for both user and delivery drivers. It calculates routes that avoid traffic, offers guidance in enclosed spaces combined with outdoor routes, allows the best route to be visualised according to the type of street. It also takes into account the dimensions of the truck or van, location of pick-up and delivery points, etc.

Origin-Destination Matrices

The creation and analysis of origin-destination matrices leads to better delivery-collection planning thanks to the use of telco data, which optimises the service in time and form. This service makes it possible to understand the flow of people between different areas based on geolocation data that includes not only the stops themselves, but also pick-up points or lockers, reducing the number of failed deliveries and increasing the number of effective deliveries with the least possible number of attempts.

Demand Forecast

Location Intelligence technologies allows logistics companies to improve their demand forecast using new data streams such as footfall and vehicle traffic and also identifies areas with a higher propensity for e-shopping, or understand catchment areas.

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Dashboard with descriptive KPIs

The development of dashboards with descriptive KPIs allows you to combine your own business data with GIS data from the environment to create a Location Intelligence solution that is capable of comparing and reporting based on up-to-date data.

Compare locations

Having the ability to compare locations allows you to analyse and discover the areas that best meet the indicators to boost your logistics routes and facilities.

Twin Areas Analysis

Using Location Intelligence technology with twin analysis, you can visually and intuitively analyse your company’s current locations, those of your competitors and new locations, taking such things into account as warehouse capacity, proximity to pick-up points, distance to exits and accesses to main roads and airports, etc.

Optimal locations

Optimal locations solutions allow you to identify, in real time, the factors that drive or slow down your business while looking for the areas that meet the best conditions for its development. It is essential to analyse them when expanding or optimising your network of logistics points.

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Smart Cities

Dashboards of data analysis

The visualisation of assets in a data analysis dashboard with IoT technology optimises the organisation’s activity by taking into account different data flows such as traffic, weather, perimeter closures established in each municipality or city, etc.

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Do you have a challenge and don't know how to face it?