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A GEO BIG Data to understand our postal system.

About the company

Correos, a national leader in logistics, although it is one of the organizations with the most history on a national level, it is also one of the most committed to innovation and the development of digital transformation initiatives. As they describe themselves, Correos has been the Internet of the eighteenth century, the standard-bearer of nineteenth-century modernization, the technological vanguard of the twentieth century and with the start of the twenty-first century, the best provider of physical, digital and parcel communication services in the country.



Correos estimates that they handle more than 170 million pieces of data daily that are generated from things like: pick-ups, deliveries, displacements and intermediate transits, shipments received and going out of distribution centers, as well as the daily tracking of all other activity.  On top of this,  they add to this the enormous amount of data that has been compiled during the more than 300 years of their history. 

The biggest challenge was to develop a Big Data platform that would house and protect the millions of data that they work with on a daily basis as much within their work activity as for their work environment.


DOTGIS, designed and developed an agile and secure Location Intelligence platform, which is a data center for all Correos operations updated in real time and was developed under the free software paradigm, it allows:

  • Filter the information by geographic area, by time intervals or by type of activity / parcel delivered by Correos.
  • Access business KPIs in an intuitive way, speeding up access to information and with it decision-making to, for example, manage deliveries, and redistribute work teams or early detection of incidents.
  • Reduce delivery times, which increases the success of deliveries.
  • Optimize the resources that place Correos at the forefront of digital transformation and intelligent management of its operations.
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