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Efficient waste management for water purification plants.

About the company

Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo (DAM), has more than twenty years of experience in the operation of water treatment plants, experience ranging from operation, maintenance and conservation services of treatment plants, to sanitation or supply systems.

Talking about their experience in the operation of water treatment plants, we want to focus on the recovery and management of waste generated in the water treatment plants that they manage.

DAM Caso de Éxito Dotgis


DAM carried out the management of this waste in a decentralized way, not having a solid system that enabled work to be done in a streamline fashion. The choice of the plots where the sludge was unloaded was done 100% manually on open platforms, with hardly any kind of practicality. Additionally, external services monitored the routes made by field personnel, which was not integrated with other DAM business data.

The biggest challenge was to centralize all these processes and automate calculation processes to optimize deliveries.


DOTGIS proposed the development of a BigData Platform for the service of recovery and management of waste under the ArcGIS of ESRI platform with which they could integrate the following elements:

  • Administration dashboard for managing all the information.
  • Operational dashboard from which to consult the necessary information.
  • Mobile application for real-time recording of field activity.
  • A whole series of automatisms for monitoring in real time.
  • Monitoring maps where you can access plots and application inventory, WWTP, restricted areas for the application of nitrates, etc.
DAM Caso de Éxito DOTGIS

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