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Fully exploit the potential of  your natural and business resources in order to take greater advantage of the potential of your company.

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Facility Design

With simple tools you can create your own PV facility from resource estimation and estimate the potential of your rooftop to create clean energy.

Profitability Analysis

With your facility already designed, you can estimate the profitability of it and the payback period to enable you to make a decision.

Grid Management

Through the processing of satellite images we can predict risk of damage to the distribution network and optimize water, gas or electric supply network management.

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Optimize your sales force

Once the environment has been analysed, prioritise your marketing actions and optimise your sales force around those locations with the greatest market potential.

Sales Forecast

Do your sales forecast analysis based on historical data and market environment conditions for a more concrete and realistic market analysis.

Understand your target audience

Understanding your target audience allows you to describe their demographics, like where they work, live or spend time.

Market Power

Identify, based on geolocalised data, the areas with the highest profit margins, the greatest market power and accessibility in order to make less risky and more effective strategic decisions.

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Resource Monitoring

Resource monitoring in real time, with all the information in a simple and intuitive dashboard, allows you to identify trends or patterns of previous behaviour, track and control what is currently happening, and make future predictions.

Route optimization

Offer services for your company’s drivers with route optimization calculation and guidance in enclosed spaces combined with outdoor routes to save time and costs.

Demand Forecast

Identify and demand forecast at each delivery point of your energy services to better optimise your logistics chain.

Origin-Destination Matrices

Origin-destination matrices help you to understand the flow of people between different areas based on geolocated data, through the use of telco data.

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Optimal locations

Identify the factors that are driving or holding back your business, and find the optimal locations that have the best conditions for your business to thrive. Make data-driven predictions when expanding or optimising your facilities.

Plan Commercial Actions

By identifying the most profitable areas in terms of roofing and the points with the highest / lowest density of photovoltaic installations, you can focus your commercial actions on those areas with the highest probability of success.

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Dashboards of data analysis

IoT centralizes and integrates all the information in a dashboard of data analysis that has very intuitive viewers and query tools that give you quick access to the vast amount of data collected, both historical and up to date.

Asset digitization

The integration of BIM and GIS in asset digitalization opens the way for digital transformation by developing multiple use cases for intelligent asset management.

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Do you have a challenge and don't know how to face it?