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Understand the behaviour of your market and make decisions based on real-time geolocalised data.

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Optimize your sales force

The location data generated by wifi networks, GPS applications, beacons, etc. allows you to analyse the environment and optimize your sales force and marketing actions. This allows you to focus on the areas with the greatest potential, maximising efficiency.

Sales Forecast

Sales forecasting is essential in order to analyse sales volume based on historical data of your retail business and the characteristics of the market environment in which you operate.

Understand your target audience

One of the most valued requirements within the retail sector is to understand your target audience, not only to understand demographic characteristics, but also to know more about characteristics, such as where they work, live, or spend their time. This helps you to launch much more effective targeted strategies.

Market Power

Using GIS data, you can identify which areas have the highest profit margins, market power and accessibility.

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Dashboard with descriptive KPIs

We combine your business data with GIS data from the environment to create a location intelligence solution. That information is placed into a dashboard with descriptive KPIs which allows you to review, compare and create reports based on up-to-date data in a visual and intuitive way.

Compare locations

Compare locations and discover the areas that meet the optimal indicators to drive your business. Make decisions based on real, up-to-date data and reduce risk.

Twin Areas Analysis

Performing twin areas analysis is very useful when planning expansion strategies in which you take the indicators of a location with high profitability as a reference. It allows you to find areas that match the data you have replicated from the location that is performing. Based on this data, it reduces risk when developing the expansion of your business.

Optimal locations

Identify the factors that are driving or holding back your business and look for optimal locations that have the best conditions for its development. Make data-driven predictions when expanding or optimising your POS network.

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People Flow

The combination of IoT and Computer Vision to identify people flow, allows you to visualise them in heat maps and analyse a great amount of data to detect and predict behavioural patterns.

Indoor geomarketing

Indoor monitoring increases the effectiveness of indoor geomarketing strategies, thanks to the identification of people flow through points of interest (geofencing).This guarantees better communication with them when creating campaigns or value-added services.

Indoor Routing Optimization

Indoor routing optimization allows routes to be calculated and guided through indoor spaces, while taking into account areas with high pedestrian traffic, entrances, etc., thus also improving the user experience.

Smart management for indoor spaces

Through smart management for indoor spaces we can identify behavioural patterns and represent them with heat maps and other intuitive visualisations that help you to understand user behaviour. This allows us to improve the management of indoor spaces such as shopping centres and shops, as well as to develop marketing strategies for them.

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Do you have a challenge and don't know how to face it?