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Goiko Grill

Site Planning for the development of their expansion strategy in France.

About the company

Goiko is a company that emerged in 2013 and whose purpose is, as they say, “to feed the desire to improve and to show that everything is possible by doing things right”. Currently, Goiko has more than 75 stores in Spain and that is without resorting to a franchise model. Since the end of 2019, they have accelerated their expansion into France and plan to take on more markets in the near future.

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Goiko wanted to launch their expansion into Francia and they received offers from different locations in both Paris and Lyon, but they wanted to base their decision on data that was safe and efficient.

The biggest challenge was to compile the data gathered through geolocation and GIS tools and make it easy to use.


DOTGIS, designed an online Location Intelligence platform to be used internally, which automatically integrates public and isochronous data sources using CARTO technology  allowing them to:

  • Knowing sociodemographic indicators of a specific location (a future location): its total population (segmented by age), purchasing power, per capita income, and average per capita expenditure on restoration.
  • Calculation of the area of ​​influence of a location by calculating isochrones with travel times on foot or by car.
  • Compare locations: allowing the analysis between an existing point and another potential one, between two potential options or between two existing ones, and visualize the key data that determines their decision.
  • Discover “twin areas”,with characteristics similar to the best-functioning places according to similarity percentages 80% -90% -95%.
Location Intelligence Expansión Goiko Grill

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