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Reinvent your assets analysis process improving cost effectiveness of your decisions with a Location Intelligence solution.

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Optimize your sales force

Once the environment has been analysed, prioritise your marketing actions and optimize your sales force around those locations with the greatest market potential.

Sales Forecast

Visualise your company’s historical data and market environment conditions more easily and intuitive to make your sales forecast more accurate and up-to-date.

Understand your target audience

Understanding your target audience is essential to find out their demographics, like where they work, live or spend time.

Market Power

Identify, based on geolocalised data, the areas with the highest profit margins, in order to exploit your market potential to the maximum.

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Dashboard with descriptive KPIs

We combine your business data with GIS data from the environment to create a location intelligence solution. Using a dashboard with descriptive KPIs, we go on to review reports based on up-to-date data.

Compare locations

Compare locations to see which areas meet the optimal indicators to boost your Real Estate business.

Twin Areas Analysis

Using Location Intelligence techniques, you will be able to perform a visual and intuitive twin analysis of your company’s current locations, those of your competitors and new locations of interest to you.

Optimal locations

Through the search for optimal locations, you will be able to identify the factors that drive or slow down your business, and look for the areas that have the best conditions for its development. Make data-driven predictions when expanding or optimising your business.

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Smart management for indoor spaces

Through smart management for indoor spaces, you can identify behavioural patterns and represent them with heat maps and other visualisations that help you understand user behaviour and improve user management.

Indoor Routing Optimization

It offers user services based on indoor route optimisation; it analyses indoor guidance combined with outdoor routes to understand the behavioural routines of your target audience.

Indoor geomarketing

By monitoring spaces, we can identify the passage of people through points of interest and launch valuable indoor geomarketing campaigns, focused on a specific audience for which we have a wealth of information.

People Flow

Combining IoT and Computer Vision to identify footfall, visualise it in heat maps and analyse the great amount of data to understand shopping behaviour and demographic profiles is very useful for Real Estate industry.

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Smart Cities

Dashboards of data analysis

IoT centralises and integrates all the information available in very intuitive viewers and query tools and makes it visible in dashboards of data analysis for a more agile management of all of them.

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Facility Design

With very simple tools you can create your own facility design from the estimation of available resources, 3D integration and BIM technology.

Plan Commercial Actions

Using zone identification, plan commercial actions to target the most profitable areas and save costs by focusing your efforts on those areas most likely to be successful.

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Do you have a challenge and don't know how to face it?