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Location Analytics to help users find their ideal neighborhood when planning to move.

About the company

ING belongs to a Dutch financial group that operates in six countries and has more than 35 million clients. Their ‘People in progress’ strategy seeks to improve the autonomy of the Bank’s clients and help them achieve their personal goals. In recent years, they have focused their efforts on building connections with their users in order to quickly identify their needs,  be able to create or re-adapt their solutions and/or launch new products tailored to their clients needs.

ing caso de éxito dotgis


ING, in their effort to learn more about the needs of their users, they discovered an opportunity to boost their mortgage services. To do this, DOTGIS proposed an easy to use accessible tool developed by combining Big Data and Location Analysis technology.  This tool was created to benefit ING’s marketing department.

The biggest challenge was to bring out our most creative streak to help our client and provide them with the perfect solution.


DOTGIS, designed, developed and integrated a complete public access map viewer with the latest CARTO frameworks (CartoVL, Airship, etc.), using an integration of Big Data tools that use Location Analytics and allows us to:

  • Filter the neighborhoods that best suit the preferences of each user.
  • Visualize key indicators of socioeconomic services and the real estate market.
  • Compare different neighborhoods.
  • Share search results through the main social networks.



We had a vision and thanks to DOTGIS we can make that vision a reality. They helped make this project happen and helped to execute it in record time, providing us their very best of their services and knowledge. We have created a tool that is useful for our clients and for society as a whole that has improved our place in the real estate world and has enabled us to increase sales.

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