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Optimización Logística

Monitoriza y gestiona tu cadena
logística en tiempo real



Toma de decisión

Optimización de rutas

Ofrece servicios para el usuario con cálculo de rutas y guiado en espacios cerrados combinado con rutas de exterior.

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Taxi Madrid Caso Exito Dotgis

Monitorización de recursos

Monitorización de activos en tiempo real con toda la información en un sencillo e intuitivo dashboard en el que puedas identificar tendencias o patrones de comportamiento previo, hacer seguimiento y control de lo que está pasando actualmente, y realizar predicciones futuras.

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Correos Caso de Éxito DOTGIS

Predicción de demanda

Identifica y prevee el volumen de demanda en cada punto de entrega para poder optimizar mejor tu cadena logística.

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Matrices Origen-Destino

Comprender el flujo de personas entre diferentes zonas a partir de datos geolocalizados, gracias al uso de datos telco.

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matrices origen destino

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What our clients say about us

Federico Meeus Director of Productivity and Efficieny at Prosegur Seguridad

With DOTGIS we were able to spotlight the quality and speed of our service. They adapted to our needs and created the perfect functionalities for our application.

Manuel Ausaverri Director of Inovation and Strategy at Indra

DOTGIS has done a great job. They were totally committed to us and our project and they achieved high quality results. If I had to highlight something, it would be their closeness and how easy it was to work with them.

Carlos Casado COO of CBRE Spain

DOTGIS constantly helps us discover new insights in our business thanks to the use of maps. They are creative, fast and professional.

Iván Fanego Branded Content & Social Media at ING Spain and Portugal

DOTGIS helped make this project happen in record time. We have created a tool that is useful for our clients and for society as a whole that has improved our place in the real estate world and has enabled us to increase sales.

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Enrique Menéndez Innovation Project Manager at EPD Spain,

Together with DOTGIS, we have developed a technology that uses satellite images to improve the management of the vegetation adjacent to power lines. This allows us to identify different species of trees or calculate the height of the trees in the area, but also estimate the growth potential of the tree mass.

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Xabier Basañez Managing Director of BEC

All of this helps the promoter save on time, resources and cost. The value added is immediate and from the point of view of the user it offers a much better experience.

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Pedro García Santiago Territory Manager

We have been committed to innovation for years and DOTGIS has allowed us to process millions of data from a new and efficient point of view. This is allowing us to convert the data into information that the entire company handles and that will improve our level of service, all in record time.

Use Cases we develop

Site selection
gestion del territorio

The solutions developed from geospatial intelligence improve decision-making during the search process for business optimal locations, taking into account the characteristics of the area being analyzed.

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Logistics optimization
Correos Caso de Éxito DOTGIS

Routing intelligence software allows for the optimization of supply chains, showing field workers where to go and the best way to get there, reducing time and cost operations.

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Market Analysis

Geolocated data allows for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market for many different sectors. It allows us to work with a past vision, but also make future predictions.

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Energy management
gestion energetica

We use energy resource modeling in order to analyze all scenarios and optimize end user decision making, in continuous searching for optimal technical and economic conditions.

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Smart Cities

Our solutions allow real time monitoring for smart and decentralized facility management, ensuring reliable and updated data to the end user.

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Indoor mapping
indoor mapping

We combine IoT, Computer Vision and Location Intelligence creating fitted solutions that allow smart and agile decision making managing indoor spaces.

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