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Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence: The Secret to Expansion Lies in Where you Open a Location

By Miguel Fernandez

Location Intelligence: The Secret to Expansion Lies in Where you Open a Location

Goiko Grill is joining in on the technology of Location Intelligence to be able to find the best locations during their expansion process.

The market is constantly changing and technology has a lot to do with it. This widespread evidence invites a constant development process that aims to take advantage of business opportunities that arise in the market in order to obtain greater profits and not fall into losses. Understanding the importance of this strategy, Goiko Grill, one of the chains with the highest growth in recent years, has opted to base its decisions on data through Location Intelligence.

Picture of the technology display developed for Goiko Grill: 

Location Intelligence Expansión Goiko Grill

Business expansion opportunities must be associated with a key component of location, where new openings are selected and only when market conditions in the area are favorable i.e. the amount of potential customers, number of competitors in the neighborhood, etc.  Data, therefore, is a key factor when it comes to decision-making during expansion processes and to the overall success of Goiko Grill in general.

Goiko Grill in Full Expansion

Recently tackling their expansion into France, the Goikers, receive offers from venues in Paris and Lyon almost daily; choosing was a process that they wanted to “objectify.” What is the optimal data-driven location for a new location?

To respond to this need, DOTGIS has developed an online platform for internal use in the Goiko-expansion-France called Geomarketing. Geomarketing is a solution that automatically integrates data sources that are public, yet tiresome to find in a data lake.  This solution analyzes information, through spatial processes of aggregation and “isochrons”,  and offers a helpful summary for decision making.

Picture of the platform screen developed by DOTGIS for Goiko Grill:  

goiko grill caso de exito dotgis

A Location Intelligence Platform rooted in CARTO technology that allows you to:

  •  Knowing sociodemographic indicators of a specific location (a future location): its total population (segmented by age), purchasing power, per capita income, and average per capita expenditure on restoration.
  • Calculation of the area of ​​influence of a location by calculating isochrones with travel times on foot or by car.
  • Compare locations: allowing the analysis between an existing point and another potential one, between two potential options or between two existing ones and visualize the key data that determine their decision.
  • Discover “twin areas”, with characteristics similar to the best-functioning places according to similarity percentages 80% -90% -95%.

With our solution, Goiko, and their super-hamburgers, are taking over France in a much more secure and efficient way thanks to a decision making process that is based on geolocated data and with the help of the most innovative and easy to use tools out there.  

Would you like to know more about how you can design fast expansion strategies that are sustainable through Location Intelligence?